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The B-Team is a team of passionate investigators. They use their skills, their ingenuity and their sens of observation  to resolve all the enigmas!

During 1h or 1h30, the players will solve very funny and stimulating missions developing their team spirit. Each player uses his phone to buy and follow the game, so there is no risk related to the Covid-19.

For the organizers, the game is very easy to customize (images, texts, GPS locations, …) and to set up!

CAMPING – Hazardous vacation

Very strange events are happening in your campsite!

Your vacationers, with the help of the agency Risque Tout, will lead the investigation, and will have to solve challenges and riddles to discover a long forgotten legend…

The game is customized to the geography and specificities of your place.

SKI RESORT – Black flake Operation

Something bad is going on in your resort! Fortunately, the holidaymakers helped by the Risque-Tout agency will use their ingenuity, persuasion and imagination to foil the Black Snowflake operation!

The game is customized to your alpine or nordic resort, with geolocated points of interest, provided signs, and the personalization of some riddles.

URBAN GAME – The diabolical invention of Professor Colza

Professor Colza -a great scientist- has mysteriously disappeared. We know that he was working on a revolutionary invention. It could become very dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands.

A fun and exciting game, takes your visitors on an investigation, in which they have to pick up clues, solve puzzles to unmask the culprit.

The game is customized to the geography and specificities of your place.

MOUNTAIN – Ruckus at the sheepfold

The shepherd is calling you for help, all his precious colored sheep have run away!

You’ll have to use your ingenuity, persuasion and imagination to convince them to return to the sheepfold!

The game is customized according to the trail you want to create. You can choose exactly where the sheep will appear in augmented reality.

CAMPING – Panic at the campsite!

For a week now, strange things have been happening at the campsite! It’s up to you to solve this mystery and unmask the scoundrel who is sabotaging the campers’ vacations!
Immerse yourself in an investigation with this collaborative escape game during an hour of research, reflection, fun guaranteed!

The game is customized to the geography and specificities of your place, and respects the sanitary norms.

TRAINING – GDPR, the escape game!

You have 1 hour to make your company “DataFriendly” in compliance with the GDPR. This game allows you to assimilate 6 basic principles of the GDPR while having fun as a team!
The game is available in face-to-face or distance learning. You can start playing with only 3 players, and it can be integrated in a training program of our partners.

In the same theme : Escape game QVT, escape game security, escape game against harassment ….

URBAN GAME – The diamond robbery

Can you find the jewel case before the bandits do?
From 2 players, go on an adventure in this collaborative escape game, composed of enigmas to solve alone or in collaboration.
An hour of reflection, observation and laughter guaranteed. The game is easily customizable to the geography and specificities of your place.
The game is based on augmented reality but also comes with a kit of elements that are easy to place and make the adventure feel even more real.
Contact us for more information about the game!

TEAM BUILDING – Corporate espionage

Confidential documents have disappeared. You have 1 hour to find them and identify the thieves among 8 suspects!
From 3 players, strengthen your team’s skills and bonds in this collaborative escape game. An hour of reflection, observation and laughter guaranteed. The game is easily customizable to the specificities of your place.
The game relies on the Graaly mobile application, a PC application and a printable kit.

SKI RESORT – The infernal groomer

A snow groomer is causing trouble in your resort and scaring the tourists, a new mission for the Risque-Tout agency. Alone or in teams, skiers or non-skiers will be able to solve the different riddles of this fun and humorous game which lasts between 1 hour and 1h30, and allows you to discover your resort. The game is personalized with the colors of your resort.

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