An escape game creation studio

For unforgetable experiences!

The Graaly application is adapted to all contexts, indoor or outdoor, for public or private games, for free or paying games

Rich enigmas templates

For very customized experiences
Augmented reality
Augmented reality
Image recognition
Image recognition
Photo souvenir
Souvenir photo
Jigsaw puzzle memory
Jigsaw puzzle, memory
mcq text questions
Objects to use
And many more : codes, chronologies, find differences, videos, …

It is so simple!

” Creating your own quest with Graaly application is super easy,  so easy that I wish my mother would create scavenger hunts for my birthdays again. “

Gaëtan Verdichizzi, Video game consultant

Graaly is adapted to every contexts

Compliant with all smartphones
Compliant with all type of smartphones
in-app payment
Graaly manage the payment
(in-app purchase)
offline mode
Graaly works offline

Games for every taste !

Sport and recreation

The Villard de Lans skiing resort choose Graaly for a game on its slopes

Culture and tourism

The tourist office and the JCE of Romans choose Graaly for a game in the city


Insight Outside choose Graaly to animate and open day in a SME
And many more …

You can use also Graaly in your private life

Tell the story of your neighbourhood !

You live in a place that you love and know every detail of? Why not share it with others? Graaly makes it super easy to tell a story and include playful elements.

Create your own escape game at home !

Fan of escape games? Turn your living room into a crime scene and invite your friends to investigate the case for a fun evening!

Organise a unique birthday for your kids!

Looking for an unusual idea for your child’s birthday? Create a personnalized scavenger hunt in your home or garden including games and augmented reality characters.

They support us!

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