Showcase your site !

Tourist attraction

Either in a museum, a famous place, a hotel, a sport resort, or downtown, Graaly can help you create great visits mixing latest technologies, culture and fun!

Business, Education

Motivate your coworkers or visitors with a personalized game for a unique discovery of your company or university ! Students will be thrilled!


Provide prospects and customers a brand new way to discover your activity and products on a trade show.

How to proceed ?

Download the application

Create your quest step by step

Upload your quest

Follow up customer’s satisfaction



May I remain with a free offer ?

Of course ! Our free offer provides most features and allows pretty nice quests!

May I switch offers ?

No problem ! You may start using the free offer and switch at any time to the pro offer in order to benefit from advanced options.

Hints to reduce costs

How about organizing a contest with local schools for the creation of a quest on your site?

What do I get with advanced options?

Advanced options allow you to download your own narration characters, your own objects for the quest and your own 2D or 3D elements  to be used for Augmented Reality steps.

Our customers tell …

” I loved the simplicity of using the application to create my mysteries. Graaly  has been a great tool to motivate my community of startups showcase their products and technologies. Everyone volunteered to create a quizz or a mini game!

In addition, we were able to achieve our primary goal:  raise awareness of  the new technologies and innovations which are invented everyday within our incubator. “

Sophie Raimbault-Mutel, Communication manager of the Tarmac incubator

We had a very short deadline to organize an innovative and fun activity for a customer. Graaly provided a very reactive support to complete the project in due time.

Laure Mugnier, Project manager at Insight Outside

They trust us !



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