How to become an investigator?

Quests for every taste !

Investigate in nature

Help a maid who has come up from the past to go back to her own time. You will need to find clues inn a park and near the castle of Maupertuis.

Visit a museum

Several mysteries are available in museums for a brand new type of experience! How about becoming the investigator of your own knowledge?

Turn into a ghostbuster!

Discover the graves of former mayors of Grenoble through a ghostbusting party in the  Saint Roch graveyard ! The spirits will teach you the local history…

Raise awareness

There is no better way of understanding others than to experience his own life ! Raise your awareness by testing the handicap route in Grenoble …

Rediscover your town anew

Wander around town looking for clues around you. You may be surprised and discover new things you had not seen before …

Combine sports and neurons !

Spice up your skiing day and slide from one clue to another  to solve a mystery within the resort! Graaly can also be combined with other sports.

Find out all our mysteries on GRAALY application’s welcome page !

How about creating your own quest?

Tell the story of your neighbourhood !

You live in a place that you love and know every detail of? Why not share it with others? Graaly makes it super easy to tell a story and include playful elements.

Create your own escape game at home !

Fan of escape games? Turn your living room into a crime scene and invite your friends to investigate the case for a fun evening!

Organise a unique birthday for your kids!

Looking for an unusual idea for your child’s birthday? Create a personnalized scavenger hunt in your home or garden including games and augmented reality characters.



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